Dick Cantwell from Elysian is out of AB InBev
BE Dick Cantwell

Few months ago, AB InBev came with some news that made the craft beer world shake: they bought one of the most prestige craft beer brands in the country, Elysian Brewing.

At that time, Dick Cantwell, one of the three founders of the brewery made clear that he was outvoted by his partners and his board, who accepted AB InBev’s offer. He mentioned that the outcome wasn’t what he had hoped for, but he would try to make the best of it.

Then it came the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, making fun of craft beer, mocking the notion of a pumpkin peach ale, which Elysian had brewed few months before. Dick wrote in an email at that time: I find it kind of incredible that ABI would be so tone-deaf as to…call out one of the breweries they have recently acquired.’

This week, Chris Furnari, from the website Brewbound, revealed that after three months with AB InBev, Elysian co-founder decided to resign from his position.

According to Chris, this move has to do with Dick’s personal conflicts with competing against other craft breweries, other friends. Cantwell said: ‘ I have spent quite a few years of my career on the Brewers Association board and I think there is a difference.’

It is not clear yet when the non-compete clause present on his contract will expire. Such ‘detail’ prevents him from starting a new brewing operation in the Pacific Northwest.

What is clear that Ab InBev has lost a great craft beer mind.


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