Brew Dogs is back!
BE Brew Dogs Season 3

James and Martin, Brewdog owners, started a TV Show in 2013 on Esquire called Brew Dogs. The idea is to promote the craft beer culture.

In each episode they travel around America to find the hottest craft beer scenes and its breweries. In each town visited they elect best bars and best breweries so you can have a good idea of how cool the area really is.

And they partner up with a local brewer to create a new recipe that represents the local culture. It could be by using local typical ingredients, using the local scenario (warming the water with rocks and the sun only) or even using local events (they brew a batch in a racing track, with the car running!).

This year, in their third Season, they promised to go beyond America and start to visit breweries around the world to show everyone what is great about the craft beer community!

The show is every Wednesday on Esquire. If you don’t have the channel in your city or country, you can watch on youtube on their channel.


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