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Have you ever imagined some solution to change that tasteless beer that you find at most of the bars?

What if you put a small sachet inside your glass and your pint becomes much more tasteful and much more closer to your home brewer?

That is exactly what Hop Theory promises with their new invention!

Hop Theory wants to bring brewing to the bar, filling a void in customisation ability within the beer industry.

The idea is simple: a sachet, a tiny mesh filter, hand-crafted with a variety of blends of hops, fruit peels and natural flavours that enables you to customize your beer’s taste.

After a long time and a many tests, Hop Theory came up with Relativity, their first blend. This is a combination of Cascade hops, orange peel, coriander seeds and natural flavours. The company promises that your beer will become more tasteful and refreshing.

A single sachet transfuses up to four beers and if you really want, you can store the sachets in your fridge for later use.

The project is being proposed by crowdfunding, at the Kickstarter website. For this first blend, Hop Theory expects to raise US$25.000,00 until the beginning of May.

Would you think this could work?

08/04/2015 20:13:55
Interesting idea although I would rather abstain from crap beer then try to make it drinkable. Sell this as a way to enhance a standard pale ale or low IBU IPA and you are onto something.

I agree that buy good beer is just easier!  Some times it is not possible....
And this idea of pimp your low IBU IPA is also good!!!!
But I couldnt help it...I bought.
I am a curious beast!


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