What does Molson Coors Brewing Co. think about craft beer?
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In February, Peter Swinburn, the CEO from one of giant breweries in America, Molson Coors Brewing Co., decided to retire.

In his place, the company placed Scotsman, Mark Hunter, an experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in the beer business.

He has a particular opinion about the craft beer market: he believes that since the introduction of Blue Moon in 1995, Molson Coors has been helping shape the craft segment.

In a conference with analysts, according to the Denver Post, Hunter affirmed that Molson has "demonstrated a desire to look at craft acquisitions. " He explains: "A function of our business is responding to the needs and preferences of our consumers. Its our responsibility to help shape those changing tastes."

With a hard time to get closer to market leaders, Molson Coors will invest a great amount of time in craft beer according, to the newspaper.

Not only in acquisitions, but also investing in its internal craft beer portfolio, with beers from AC Golden, a small brewery inside the plant in Golden and from The Sandlot Brewery, at Coors Field.

Are we going to see another giant going for new acquisitions in the craft beer market soon?


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