Three-eyed Raven
BE Three eyed raven beer launch

In 2013, Ommegang brewery partnered with HBO to create a beer inspired in one of the biggest shows on TV: Game of Thrones.

The first beer was Iron Throne, a blonde ale created to celebrate the debut of the third season of this great hit. It was a great success and the limited edition was sold out quickly.

Then the brewery came up with Take the Black, a American Stout. Then Fire and Blood (Red Ale) and Valar Morghulis (Abbey Dubbel).

Now the brewery was inspired by one of the iconic animals that we see in the series since the first season: the raven with three eyes.

An enigmatic animal inspired and a ‘deceptive dark saison’, as described by Ommegang. The brewery describes Three-eyed Raven as ‘a hybrid style open to brewer’s imagination. In the end it is neither a pure saison nor your typical dark beer, but instead a delectable blend that both deceives and thrills the senses.’

Three-eyed Raven is a dark brown beer, almost black with a light tan head, with tasting notes of a traditional saison. A beer with herbal hops notes and Belgian yeast, with ABV of 7,2%.

The brewery will start the sales this week so you can prepare yourself and buy a bottle to drink while watching the new season premiere in the middle of April!


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