Punk IPA Beer Making Kit
BE Brewdog Brewing Kit 2

Have you ever thought that would be cool to brew your favourite beer at home?

Or, if you are already a home brewer, don’t you think it is cool to get your hands on exactly the professional brewer’s recipe?

So now you can!
That is exactly what Brewdog claims to give to you when you buy their Punk IPA kit. It comes with all equipment that you will need, the recipe and of course, all the ingredients, including their signature hops and yeast!

The brewery teamed up with Brooklyn Brew Shop to make this project possible: they helped Brewdog to scale down the recipe, create the kit and help with the sales and distribution.

The kit is very easy to use, there is no need of actual brewing experience. And in about two weeks you have about 4 litres of fresh home brewed Punk IPA.

Brooklyn Brew Shop even has a video on their website detailing what to do when, so you don’t get lost and replicate this great beer.

The Punk IPA Beer Making Kit costs £40 and you can find the kit in the brewery’s web store, in Brew Shop’s website and in Brewdog’s bars.


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