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BE Obama Hope beer

When it comes to beer in Ukraine, one of the main cities is Lviv, due to its long history with the drink. In the local beer museum there are documents that record brews since 1700.

But today, the city is in the middle of a controversy because of one of its breweries.

A brewpub in the traditional Ukrainian city decided to use an unusual and controversial marketing strategy.

NPabda launched a beer line that use the image of world leaders that they believe has a large stake in the countrys current situation.

The first line of beer is in honor to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The beer name in Ukrainian, Putin Huilo, is an aggressive and popular expression against the Russian head of State.

The beer line follows with a tailor-made beer with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her alleged relationship with Russia in mind. The beer name is a joke, comparing her to Von Ribberntrop a former German ambassador in London, which greatly helped the Soviets, in the 30’s. The beer name is Frau Ribbentrop.

The third and final tribute goes to the US President, Barak Obama, who, they say, greatly influences the current situation with his omission. The beer is called Obama Hope.

Take a look hereunder at the beer logos!


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