Where is all the Oktoberfest beer?!
BE Oktoberfest Front Gate

According to the German newspaper Merkur, in 2014, the city of Munich, responsible for the Oktoberfest, reported sales of 6.5 million liters of beer during the 16 days of the event.

Theses numbers would be very impressive, if they weren’t wrong!

But shocking, the correct amount of beer sold is even higher; reaching the insane amount of 7.7 million liters sold the event.

And this problem of under-reporting sales has been happening in the last few years.

The problem according to Munich authorities is that the city publishes sales figures on the final day of the festival; therefore the numbers are estimation from each seller.

Toni Roiderer, spokesperson from the beer tends, who are responsible for the drink’s sales, explained to Merkur, that the discrepancy could be due to a mistake in the calculation.

The fact is that the reported numbers are lower than the actual sales in the last few years. In 2013, the reported sales were 6.7 million liters, 1 million short from the actual sales. In 2012, the difference was about 0,5 million liters, and in 2011, the difference was 0,4.

There are speculations around this numbers, saying that the city and the breweries want to maintain the image of a family festival, hiding the increase consumption of beer in the last decade.

Since 2004, the number of beer lovers who passes the Oktoberfest gates has increased in only 7%, while the beer consumption jumped 26%!

After all this controversy and the technology implemented in all the beer tends (all them control electronically their beer sales), the numbers should be right this year, right?


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