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When you think about German beer, you think about traditional wheat beer and Oktoberfest with those huge beer mugs, right?!

If so, you may get surprised with the new German craft beer scene. Nowadays you can find German products covering a wide range of styles, from IPA’s to Imperial Stouts!

One of the new breweries that embraces this revolution is Crew Republic. And in order to be on the edge of the new era they are going one step further and creating some new recipes that are out of the mainstream.

They like to experiment with new recipes and new ingredients. Those ideas, when bottled, come to the market as the X line. Normally they are first time brews and not even the brew masters know for sure if the will ever be brewed again.

At the moment you can find (if you are lucky) 4 experimental brews.

We were able to get a hold of three of them in the last few weeks!

The first one is X4.0. It is a Witbier with a bit of Pilsener malt as well. At first comes the spices and citrus notes that you would expect in this beer style, but at the end, a great hop twist.

Then we were able to taste X1.1, Wet Hop Beer.
This one comes with a great gold color, and full of passion fruit notes, not only in the nose but also when you taste it. This recipe uses only fresh harvested hops from Hallertau.

The best one for us was X2.1, English-style Barley Wine. A beer that comes with complex taste and an amazing malty and caramel aroma. This beer uses not only the English style, but also their hops, malts and even yeast!

Now we are in the search of the last one: X3.0 Sour Black!

If you have the opportunity to find one of those, you should try!

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