3rd Brazilian Beer Contest!

This Tuesday, the big winners of the 3rd Brazilian Beer Contest were announced!

This year there were 874 registered labels (more than double from last year), divided into 117 different beer styles.

The title of best beer in the country was given to BasiliCow, produced by Seasons Brewery, from the city of Porto Alegre, in the south region of the country.

This beer also won the medal as the best Herb and Spice Beer. A beer that has the Witbier style as a base, but with a twist: Basil!

It will be launched this week in the Brazilian Beer Festival, a great opportunity for all to enjoy this super beer.

The Seasons Brewery also won as the best IPA, with its Green Cow IPA.

And the title of best brewery in Brazil was given to Tupiniquim, who won the most gold medals. The brewery grabbed six gold medals, confirming their favouritism, since they were considered the brewery of the year in South American Beer Cup.

It is worth mentioning the four gold medals of the traditional Colorado Brewery, which maintains its consistency. And the two gold medals Bodebrown Brewery, still one of the best Brazilian breweries. Also interesting to note that the Wals Brewery’s Dubbel, elected last year the worlds best, didn’t win the title in Brazil. She lost to Tupiniquim Brewery’s Dubbel, and to Seasons Brewery’s Dubbel Dragon, leaving only with the third place.

Their Quadruppel, who had been considered the second best in the world in such style, confirmed its favouritism and took the gold medal.

See the list below of the best beers of the year!


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