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If you are old enough, you’ve heard of the Hanson, right? I didn’t say you like them, but I am sure you know who they are!
Hanson became really famous around the world when they’ve released the song MmmBop in 1997. The song became number one in 27 different countries!
The boy band of brothers from the 90s is back now, and is trying to obtain the same success with a different project! Now they went in the craft beer business with Hanson Bothers Beer Company.

Their first creation is Mmmhops. Brewed in Oklahoma by Mustang Brewery, this is a Pale Ale, with 7,5% ABV, described by the company as ‘a full-bodied delicious Pale Ale, with a unique toasted malt signature and refreshing hoppy finish’.

With a strong hop character, this beer brings a bitterness closer to an IPA.

The new company also wants to give something back: 10% of the proceeds from their business will go to support Take the Walk, a non-profit who supports drilling clean water wells in Africa.

Now you can make as many jokes as you want. But taste the beer without prejudice to say if this is as good (or as bad) as their music!

Here is the brother’s video about the project!


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