Ambev and Whirpool come together to create B.Blend
BE Bblend machine

Have you thought about having a capsule machine at home that not only does coffee, but may also make that cold beer that you love so much?

Its official: two world giants have come together to create a homemade beer machine!

This week, in Brazil, CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) approved without restrictions the partnership between Ambev (the brazilian branch from the giant AB InBev) and Whirlpool, the kitchen appliances manufacturer.

The union aims to develop a machine, called B.Blend, that is able to prepare drinks at home with a capsule technology similar to Nespresso.

The B.Blend, which will be marketed by Brastemp, one of Whirlpool’s brand, will be able to prepare a wide range of drinks, not just coffee and its variations as the machines we see in the market right now. It is also capable of freezing and aerating beverages, enabling the preparation of juices, soft drinks, teas and even energy drinks.

By the two giants union, this machine would expand its use and would prepare beer too!

Although the financial details were not disclosed, it is known that Whirlpool will create a company that would be controlled by the two giants. This company will be responsible for development, production, marketing and distribution of new machines, capsules and accessories.

The agreement relates the marketing of machines, capsules and accessories in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Here is Brastemps video about the new machine!


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