Can beer be good for your health?
BE Beer and health

It is not new that alcohol consumption consequences are investigated through research and studies in universities around the world. Thinking about it, I decided to tell you a little of what I found out through some serious research I found which address this subject!

According to a University of Barcelona’s study (Spain), the key aspect of fermented beverages consumption (as is the case of beer) is moderation. Yes, I think that this information is not news to anyone, but this same study states that moderate consumption of the golden liquid reduces mortality rate due to heart disease. Exact my friends, a beer from time to time can protect your heart from diseases such as heart attack. Good news, right ?!

Benefits such as controlling neurological diseases progression, including Alzheimers and Parkinsons, were also evidenced by a survey published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ". According to Dr Fang Jianguo from Lanzhou University in China and one of those responsible for this study, in traditional Chinese medicine hops, presented in the beer composition, has been used to treat various diseases for centuries. Besides hops, the study says that a substance called xanthohumol also found in beer, can control the progression of neurological diseases making the habit of moderate consume the drink a health benefit.

Beer can also protect the bones from osteoporosis, according to a survey conducted at the University of Extremadura in Spain. 1700 women consumers and non consumers of beer were followed. It was found that the volunteers who drank beer regularly, had better bone density than the consumers who didn’t, thus removing the risk of osteoporosis.

Ageing can also be prevented through beer according to researchers from Tel Aviv University and Columbia. Another good news for beer lovers, is that the famous myth beer gives belly"was contradicted by Dr. Katryn OSullivan UK. According to Dr. OSullivan any alcohol when consumed in large quantities, can cause weight gain, however, this does not happen when consumption is made of moderate way. Dr. OSullivan also states that there are no studies showing that beer makes you fat, and that the weight gain is much more related to the amount consumed and not to beer will itself.

In short, if you already cultivate healthy habits such as regular physical activity, balanced diet, why not include a beer on your menu? Choose your craft beer, drink in moderation and take car of your health! Cheers!


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