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Beer is a very comprehensive subject, with so much information that sometimes we need to resort to a more traditional way of learning to discover the nuances of European beers or the freshness of the North American beers.

We separate a list of titles that show some of the facets of this amazing world from beer history books, to autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs in the beer market! Then open a beer and enjoy!

1001 Beers to drink before you die

A book with one of the most comprehensive lists of beers, ideal for the golden liquid lovers who would like to know a little more the worlds diversity.

Divided by beer style, this book is a great reference for all.

Brewing up a business

This book tells Sam Calagione’s saga to build Dogfish Head brewery.

The creator himself tells his story from the time he started building his brewpub not knowing it was banned this type of business in his state!

A very interesting and informal book that takes you into the head of one of the leading exponents of American craft beer.

Dream Big

This book is not just about beer. It tells the story of the quartet which created AmBev, that after the merger with Interbrew and the acquisition of Anheuser Busch, became the worlds largest brewer, AB InBev.

The book traces the profile of each partner and details the culture created by the group that led to the creation of many successful businesses.

The Brewmasters table

A book of the renowned Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, Garrett Oliver.

It not only tells a little about beer origin and some historical facts, but also makes a beautiful connection between great beers and quality food, giving a different meaning for harmonization.

The Audacity of Hops

Understand how the United States created the so impressive craft beer market we know today.

Since the first warriors who persisted in the battle against the commercial giants breweries, to the main current exponents.

Always good to understand the past to contribute to the future.

Great Beers of Belgium

One of the best Michael Jackson books, if not the best.

We are not talking about the singer, but about probably the biggest craft beer student and writer, responsible for bringing the beer culture to the four corners of the world. In this book he describes in detail the Belgian beers, explaining the origin of each style as well as the most traditional breweries in this country so important in the history of world beer.

Of course there are many other excellent books for you to learn about beer.

What else do you recommend?

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