Beer bottles!

Beer presentation is an important part of the marketing plan of each brewery, either they are an economic giant like AB InBev, or a small local brewery. And the bottle has a central role in this communication.

It has its technical characteristics to contribute to the beer quality, but nothing prevents them from being beautiful and different, highlighting the product in the media and at the store.

Here are some different bottles we found in the market.

Some breweries create unique bottles to enhance their products. Italians are known for their refinement, and it is passed on to numerous bottles.

The largest US craft brewery, Boston Lager, also created a single bottle for a very special line: Samuel Adams Utopia, a super exclusive, strong and expensive beer. A bottle of these can reach USD200.00.

To launch the "End of History", the strongest beer produced on the planet, the Scots of Brewdog created a bottle, at least unusual.

Some breweries take luck really seriously!

The Chinese created this beer with the image of Buddha engraved on the glass!

Even certain large commercial breweries have invested a lot in custom bottles in recent years.

And here follows some other interesting ideas!

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