Beer in video!

Craft beer is a informal and fun community and that is represented in many videos we see nowadays.
Here is what we’ve watching lately and thought is pretty nice and we would love to share with you!
Some you might know, some are more rare.
Some are free on the internet, but some are available only on cable tv or in the deepest illegal internet download sites.
But here it is!


James Watt and Martin Dickie, Brewdog’s owners travel across the United States visiting different cities celebrating many distinctive craft beers and the local culture. Each episode they create a beer with a local brewer with a typical ingredient from that region.
They are fun and the series is easy to watch!
The word is that on their third year they will expand the horizon and visit breweries around the world!
This is avaliable on Youtube, but only in the US.



This series was created by Discovery Channel and was focused on Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder.
It shows his adventures across the world to search for new, ancient and imaginative inspiration for beers. Also presents his brewery in a very nice way and his future projects, such as Birreria in New York.  
This is avaliable only on Esquire.



One of the first beer series that talk about craft beer seriously, created by one of the best beer experts in the world, Michael Jackson.
No it is not the singer, this is a different one. He was an english writer specialised in beer who have sold over 3 million copies and was translated into 18 different languages.
He traveled over few of the world’s most traditional beer regions and explained not only the beers, but also the culture behind the brews to help to understand how all those styles had been created.
A must for beer lovers!
You can find all 6 episodes on the internet.


In the search for the most interesting drinks and the people who drink that, Jack Maxwell stop in cities that you wouldn’t think about it.
It is not only about beer, but he focus more in the golden liquid when he goes to Austria on the fourth episode.
This one you can find entirely in their youtube channel.

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