The craft beer community answers back!
BE Macro Beer

Most of craft beer lovers at least heard about Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial, right?

If you didn’t have the chance to see the attack, here it is.

The giant brewery needed only 30 seconds to drive the whole craft beer community crazy!

In the commercial, Budweiser is very aggressive against the smaller breweries with some strong statements:

‘‘Proudly a macro beer.

‘‘Budweiser isn’t brewed to be fussed over.’’

‘’It’s brewed for drinking not dissecting.’’

"Brewed the hard way," Let them drink their pumpkin peach ales — well be brewing golden suds."

Inspired by this attack, some creative members of the community answered back in a very relaxed way! A famous craft beer destination in Los Angeles, Beer Belly, created an event called "Craft for Crap", which invited people to bring in any Budweiser beer, and in return, they would exchange if for a craft beer from their large selection of local craft breweries in kegs for $0.01!

"It was our way of encouraging craft beer drinkers to reach out to their non craft drinking friends, and bring them out so they can see what craft beer was all about," Beer Belly wrote on its blog.

Hopstories created a video in response to the Budweiser advertisement. In the video they attack directly some of the giant brewery’s statement: It’s not brewed to be slammed. It’s brewed to taste good.’’ ‘’ Only craft beer is brewed by hand, the actual hard way.’’

After all this, Budweiser answered: ‘‘we are not ant-craft. Just pro-Bud.’’ and ‘‘we like all beers, but we celebrate golden suds.’’


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