May the brew be with you!

Everyone knows that there is not a single geek in the world that doesn’t love Star Wars!

And most of those are craft beer lovers, right? (I know quite a few!)

So why not unite two of the coolest things on Earth to have some fun! Imagine you mix Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker and friends with our beloved beer? Here are the best works we were able to find!

You can find some very nice bottle openers!

Even some ideas to pimp your fridge!

There are also some cool designs!

And even some breweries decided to invest in the Dark Side of the Force. Few years ago, one of the biggest craft breweries in the US, Sierra Nevada, created an Imperial Stout called Empire Strikes Black!

And New England Brewing Co. has in its beer selection the Imperial Stout Trooper!

Have you ever seen any other cool themed beer or accessory related to Start Wars?
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