Giant Beer Bottle Caps
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The beer bottle cap is one of the greatest symbols of the craft beer culture. Many people keep the lids of all the tasted beers and frame them or create tables.

But what if you have a giant cap with the brand of that sensational beer that you like so much? Or with the logo of your favorite local brewery? Or even with the logo of your beer made at home?

A Brazilian artist, from the city of Belo Horizonte, specialist in steel techniques, plays the game between traditional metalwork and art to create very interesting pieces.

Fabricio Carvalho works with medieval and craft techniques to breathe life into beautiful pieces of art.

When his father bought a Coca-Cola table, Fabricio had the idea to shape a stool in the form of of a bottle cap.

Craft beer lover, the artist developed the idea and now makes dreamed decorative pieces for all beer lovers.

The caps are 13,4 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. Available in various finishes, you can create the art you want, within your own brewery logo or the logo of that sensational beer that you love so much!

Check his work hereunder, or go to his website.

And like many who have been bitten by the craft beer bug, Fabricio already begins to move to become a brewer in his spare time as well. And also uses his natural talent to create his own brew system! So natural talent that up to his name reflects the passion!

Fabricio means one who works the metal. In this case, perfect, right?

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Fabricio Carvalho
Muito obrigado pela matéria, ficou ótima!

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