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Welcome to Totally Beer!

A site made by those who live the beer culture on everyday life around the worlds main beer centers: Europe, United States and Brazil!

We write to share our experiences with this so famous and traditional golden drink. We visited cities, discover breweries, study history and of course, we taste beers to understand a little more this world in order to share with you!

Here you will find articles about beer styles, breweries around the world, curiosities, technical information ... in short, everything related to world beer culture!

You will also find some curiosities of our trips and some tips for those who appreciate the drink and enjoy holidays with beer tasting.

Beer is always related to simplicity, irreverence and extreme sociability, always unpretentious and without any pomp, bringing the pure and simple joy. She is also not regional, is not linked to the origin of any raw material or the region where it is produced, as wine is.

We want to talk about this subject with the same simplicity, so everyone would appreciate the information, and the knowledge would be increased as a whole, improving the community of craft beer lovers.

Even if you are casual consumers seeking facts about the beer, or the most serious connoisseur who seeks to go even deeper into the art of beer, everyone will have a space!



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