Brewery on the high seas
BE Carnival cruise ship

Last week we posted about a brewery in a unexpected place: inside Berlin’s airport.

But this week we found some more unusual news: Carnival, the cruise ships giant, said its next ship, the RedFrog (4,000 passengers) will have a pub with a fully functional brewery!

The brewery is expected to produce three different craft beers that passengers can enjoy while watching the production through a glass wall.

According to Eddie Allen, vice president of beverage operations, passengers love beer and the company has been adding craft beers on its cruises, so the movement is natural.

In 2014, Carnival had already announced a partnership with Cigar City Brewery based in Tampa, to serve their creations on ships departing from Tampa and Florida ports. Similar agreements have already been closed with Maui Brewing Company for ships departing from Hawaii and the Abita Brewing Company for ships departing from New Orleans.

There is still no information whether Carnival will be associated with some existing brewery in this new venture, or this will be a solo project. But it is certain that a master brewer will always be managing the brewery from inside the ship.

But this project is not unprecedented. The Aida Cruises, which operates in Europe already have a brewery within one of its ships.


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