Beer and decoration

Do you have a lot of bottles, cans or beer caps in your home and have no idea what to do with them?

Of course you can do the basics, put the caps into frames and cans and bottles on shelves.

But we believe that you can use your imagination to make your home,or at least the man cave (which today can also be the woman cave!) cooler, using in an unusual way what would be thrown away after your weekly tastings!

You could cover your bar top with the beer caps.

Or frame your mirror!

But if you want something smaller, you can use them as coasters.

You can use the beer labels to cover a table too!

Still speaking of labels, you could make boxes to decorate your home, or give away as gifts!

And the cans? How about making a very nice fixtures?!

Speaking of fixtures, you can do with bottles too!

Or garden torches!

And if you are too excited, you can even make a wall!

And what about you? Do you have any different ideas? Have you ever done something with your cans, bottles and caps? Tell us!

28/01/2015 22:15:31
Denise Caceres
i make beer cap windchime a. You can look up how on instructables

Very Nice!!

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