Airbrau – A brewery inside an airport!
BE Airbrau tanks

Is there anything more annoying that waiting for hours inside an airport for your flight that never arrives?

All over the world airports are trying to make this experience less boring by creating entertainment, opening shops and restaurants, so people can use the time in a more fun way.

But the typical airport bar is always a depressing place, full of lonely travelers and stressed passengers, right?

In Munich, one of the world’s beer capitals, things are a bit different! The International Airport has actually a brewery inside its premises!

Airbrau is a brewpub with a beer garden for 600 guests that can make you smile when you see that your flight has been delayed!

This is Europe’s largest roofed-in beer garden, complete even with chestnut trees and a real maypole! Even when it rains, guests have a view of the stunning modern architecture of the Munich Airport Center.

The spacious surroundings leave plenty of room for your bags while you enjoy a meal or snack. The brewery has three beers on tap all year round: FliegerGuell, a classic ale, Kumulus, a refreshing weissbier, and Jetstream, the traditional Pisner.

And depending when you go there, you can find one of the other five seasonal beers: a double bock, a malty weissbier, a light summer beer, one Bavarian festival beer and a dark winter one.

You can do a brewery tour, just give them a call, or drop a message at their website.

Now you know what to do when your flight gets cancelled in Munich!!!!


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