Urban Chestnut Brewery Co expands into Germany
BE Urban Chestnut Entrance

After Stone has announced its project to build a new brewery in Berlin, now it is time for Urban Chestnut Brewing Co announces its project in the old continent.

The St. Louis-based brewery had an opportunity to buy a brewery in a small town close to Munich and, as co-founder David Wolfe said, ‘it was too good to pass on’.

Urban Chestnut acquired Bürgerbräu Wolnzach in Wolnzach, a city located about 50 km away from Munich International Airport.

The American brewery has already been exporting small volumes to Germany since 2013, and they believe that this investment is going to expand the brewery’s presence not only in Germany, but also across Europe.

“In considering different ways to grow Urban Chestnut in Germany and in Europe as a whole, we believe the U.S. craft beer model of ‘local’ is a more than viable strategy. Actually owning and operating a brewery in Bavaria will provide us with a solid platform for growth”, said David Wolfe.

Urban Chestnut opened its first brewery in 2011 in midtown St. Louis and a much larger production facility and beer hall a few miles away early in 2014.

The new brewery will be the smallest of the three UCBC breweries.


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