100 bottles of Beer on the Wall
BE Various Beer 2

Dorrie Rifkin, an Englewook, NJ resident, award-winning art director, decided to transform in art a worldwide passion: beer!

Once, while hearing one of her friends sing her twin baby boys to sleep with ‘One Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall’, she decided to paint 100 bottles of beer and put them on a wall!

Every new bottle she paints goes to her Facebook page and lots of strong comments are posted right after.

Many have some hard comments about her art, not because of its quality but because of her beer choice. But her idea is not to paint the best 100 beers ever, therefore you will find all types of beer on her work: she has already painted all the way from the famous Belgian Trappist beers to the regular Budweiser and Bud Light!

If you want to check her work, you can check her website.

She also sells her work at Etsy.

Take a look at her work and tell us what you think!


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