Cheese fondue with beer
BE Cheese Fondue

One of the most typical Swiss dishes is the fondue.

And nothing better than adapt the recipe to unite our beloved beer in this dish, right?

So we call Jérôme Rebetez, Brasserie BFM brewmaster, one of the best breweries in the country to teach us this new recipe!

We tasted the meal with him inside the brewery and we loved it!


2 cloves of garlic, peeled

400 g of Gruyere cheese

400 g of Vacherin cheese

800 ml of Pale Ale beer (Chef’s tip: BFM La Meule)

Black pepper

Chopped bread into cubes

Small steamed potatoes


1. Grease the pan with the garlic so that the cheese does not stick to the bottom.

2. Over medium heat, add the cheese and the beer in the pan.

3. Season with black pepper and gradually stir the cheese until it melts completely.

4. To taste, dip the bread or potatoes inside the cheese and enjoy it!

PS.: If you are using another type of cheese, or a ready mix, you may have to add a little cornstarch to bind.


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