Poisoned beer kills 56 and put another 169 in hospital in Mozambique
BE Crocodilo

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, contaminated beer was served at a funeral killing 56 and putting another 169 in hospital in the Chitiima and Songo districts in the northeastern Teta province, in Mozambique.

According to local authorities, the guests had drunk Pombe, a traditional Mozambican beer, made from corn flour, poisoned with crocodile bile during the course of the funeral.

Blood and beer samples were being sent to the capital Maputo to be tested to confirm the suspicions.

Initial investigation shows that only who drank the beer in the afternoon reported illness.

Those who drank in the morning were ok. The woman who brewer the beer is also among the dead.

Police are investigating the incident and health authorities have begun collecting food parcels and other items for donation to the affected families.

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