Myths and Facts

1.) Benjamin Franklin’s quote

Many must have heard that Benjamin Franklin wrote a very famous beer quote:

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

But historians say this is not true. This sentence was written in a letter to André Morellet in 1779, and Benjamin refers to wine and not beer. Here is the letter excerpt:

Behold the rain descends from heaven upon Which our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof God loves us que, and loves to see us happy.

2.) Unemployment benefits in Bavaria

In Germany, beer is taken very seriously! It is considered one of the main items in the German basic food basket.

And this concept is taken even more seriously in Bavaria. In this region, the government consider beer part of the population’s basic food package.
And as the social benefits often use these packages to pay taxpayers, beer changed the government system.

Unemployment benefits in Bavaria are a little higher than in other states, since they consider a glass of beer a day as a basic right of every citizen!

3.) IPA’s history

If you have ever tried an IPA, it is very likely that you have already heard the legend of its name origin - India Pale Ale, right?

But you probably heard the wrong story.

Youve probably heard that India Pale Ale is so called because it was built for the British troops in India, and the hop’s dose was increased so the beer could survive the sea voyage from Britain to India.

The Pale Ales have existed since at least the 17th century and they were exported to India from at least the 1780s, if not before.

And the most interesting point, according to Cornell, one of the most important beer historians, is that they were not consumed by the troops, those of the East India Company or the British Army in India that much preferred the porter style beers, and continued drinking them in India until the end of the 19th century. The exported Pale Ales were consumed by Europeans of the middle and upper classes in India, military officers and "civil servants", civilians who worked for the East India Company, in trading, administration and tax collection.

4.) Beer makes you fat, with a belly

One of the biggest myths about beer is to say that this so popular drink makes you fat, with a big belly - the beer belly.

But in fact this statement is not correct.
According to studies, the beer calories has no more negative influences than calories from any other food.

In 2011 the analysis of 31 different studies conducted around the world completed the moderate alcohol consumption may even be good for health. And on average, moderate drinkers are slimmer, regardless their drink preference.

What you have to think at this point is what and how much you eat at the bar while drinking your favourite beer. Have you experienced put on a plate the next day all you had during a night out at the bar?

You will be impressed and will understand that the problem is in that piece of steak you ate at the bar with fries or in the giant sandwich you had before bed!

5.) Märzen beer had a different taste every year

In the early days of European civilization, Bavarian brewers had a hard time controlling the beer quality in the summer. They didn’t have the knowledge we have today and did not know that winter in the Alps helped keeping a wide range of bacterias away from beer.

So brewers produced in the region only between October and March, working overtime at the end of the winter to create inventories for the summer.

As this was the last month of production, all brewers wanted to clean hops stocks to avoid lose money. So each year the amount of hops added to this beer varied according to inventory at the end of the season. If the winter had not been so strict and sales had been better, less hops would be in the warehouses, and so the beer would be less bitter.

Now if the winter had been hard, the summer beer would be more hopped than normal.

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