Southern Germany trip- Part 03

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We ended our trip in one of the most famous cities in the beer world! Munich is home to some of the most famous breweries in Germany, such as Paulaner, Spaten and Hofbräuhaus.

So she carries the tradition of a culture fully immersed in beer. Every city center’s corner you can find a typical brewpub.

No doubt the most famous one is Hofbräuhaus, which is one of the oldest and traditional bars in the world, present in Munich’s culture for over 400 years! Today, this huge bar, which seats 3,000 people, is one of the main beer symbols in Bavaria.

A German institution, which resisted even war, the brewery was partially destroyed in World War II, but in 1950 it was rebuilt keeping the old building format.

The most interesting is that this bar/restaurant is very popular among the Germans also, a large number of tables are reserved to regular consumers.

These are special people: they have their beautiful porcelain mugs locked inside the brewery, even have a membership card in order to have a discount on beer!

Many world celebrities had an admiration for the site. Mozart loved to drink beer there to find inspiration. Lenin admired the brewery by the fact that it used to be an exclusive place of royalty, and after King Ludwig, it became one of the most popular spots in town.

But the biggest local legend account that some of the early inflammatory Hitler’s speeches were on tables in this bar! A must visit in the city.

Another bar that is much worth visiting is Schneider Weisse.

As we have said in previous texts, this brewery has some very different creations from what people known wheat beers is in the world.

You will be impressed!

Of course, the experience is not complete if you don’t visit the bars of the most famous beers in the region such as Augustiner, Paulaner and Spaten.

A new option in town is the bar/restaurant Der Pschorr, which is on the main city’s square.

The location is more modern than the others and has a very interesting differential. Its most traditional beer, Helles, is served directly from wooden barrel where maturation occurs without any pressure system. They just put a simple tap on the barrel and let the liquid drain into the cup. A very fresh and delicious beer!

In the gastronomic side, our best tip is one of the oldest restaurants in town, called Haxenbauer, to enjoy one of the main dishes of Bavaria: the pork knuckle.. And in this region, the knuckle is not the steamed, as some know, but roast! The result is a very juicy meat with crispy crust!

And be sure to eat a Schinitzel sandwich (breaded beef) or Leberkäse (which, roughly speaking, a type of sausage shaped as a cake). They are all over the city and are really cheap!

As life is not made of beer only, enjoy your stay in town to enjoy some of the amazing city’s culture. Visit the town hall square, one of the most beautiful sights in Europe.

Visit some of the citys museums, where you can see works of the painter Raphael, one of the largest collections of Greek and Roman artifacts, not to mention the Egyptian Museum, with much of the history of that region.

A sensational city that is worth knowing, no matter the time of year!


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