Craft beer and Google
BE Sierra Nevada green logo

The year is almost finished and we are always curious to check some Top 10 lists to try to get an idea of what happened during 2014.

Every year Google releases what they call ‘Year in Searches’ showing the info most searched in one of the biggest websites, helping us to see what does searches says about us.

The biggest subject of search of the year was Robin Williams, followed by the Soccer World Cup.

In our world, they also released the ‘Most Searched Beers in 2014’. Here is the list:

1. Budweiser

2. Corona

3. Keystone

4. Miller

5. Blue Moon

6. Coors

7. Bud Light

8. PBR

9. Modelo

10. Sierra Nevada

Interesting to notice that a craft beer cranked the top 10! Sierra Nevada, #2 in sales amongst craft breweries in the US (behind Boston Beer Company) occupies the #10 spot of the list.

The list shows the market reality as well. The craft beer market is growing every year but it is just a small fragment of the whole American beer market.

Maybe next year this can change a bit more!!!


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