The Hobbit Beers
BE The Hobbit Series

Bevlink, a Seattle, Washington based beverage company teamed up with Fish Brewing create a beer series based on Peter Jackson’s trilogy, The Hobbit.

The series consists in three beers tailored to emulate the characters from the films: Gollum (Smeagol), the Dragon Smaug and the Orc Chieftain Bolg.

The Gollum Precious Pils 

The first one is a strong imperial Pilsner, with 9,5% alcohol volume and bitterness of 70 IBU’s.


Smaug Imperial Stout with Chilli Peppers


Then you will have a classic Russian Imperial Stout with 9,5%, 80 IBU’s and a subtle dosing of Habanero chilli’s to remind you of the dragon fire awaiting Bilbo and to the Company of Dwarves in their journey to The Lonely Mountain!


Bolg Tripel Belgian Ale

At last, Bolg a flavourful strong Belgium Tripel, with 8,0% alcohol and low on bitterness (35 IBU’s)

All the beers are only available in 650ml bottles. You can find it in the US and in Canada at the moment.

The final film in The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is already in theatres around the world.

The Hobbit Beer Series is what you need to quench your thirst while watching a ten-hour marathon of Peter Jackson movies!


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