Cool beer gadgets for Xmas!

Bottle Loft

Finding room in your fridge for both a six-pack of beer and that large pizza won’t be next to impossible!

BottleLoft is a simple device to easily and securely suspend bottles from the top of a fridge using magnets, freeing up empty space.

An eight-inch plastic strip with a row of three extremely strong neodymium magnets. The strip is held to the fridge by a high-grade adhesive tape that works at low temperatures.

Randall Jr. Personal Beer Infuser

If you are looking for an easy way to hop your beer to add a slight off-kilter taste to your favorite brand, this should prove the best solution for you!

Made by Dogfish head, it is simple and easy to use: cram whatever ingredients you’d like to lace to your beer with into the glass container, pour the beer into the same container and led it rest for 10 minutes in your fridge. And there you have it – the exact same beer with a whole different kick!!


Nothing feels worse than pouring great craft beer down the drain.

Thats why Growler Guys developed Phssssh™ CO2 TO GO! This handy tool lets you easily pressurize your growler so carbonation is not lost. Plus, it allows you to re-carbonate your beer for long-term storage.

On-Ice Beer Dispenser

You have a pitcher of beer and you want to keep by your side so you don’t have to leave the couch in the middle of the film or the barbecue table in the middle of that awesome story? But you don’t want your beer warm or diluted because you added ice…

Now you have the solution: The On-Ice Beer Dispenser has a inside walled off tower which you can fill with ice. With the beer surrounding the ice the whole time, it is able to maintain enough of a chill, so you can always have a fresh sip!


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