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Until few years ago, most of the craft beers were only available in draft in selected bars and in bottles. One of the biggest reason is the fact that bottling beer is relatively easy for small breweries to organize: it can be done on a small scale, even by hand, one at a time.

And there was also a cultural aspect: the cans were directed related to the huge commercial brands, like Coors and Budweiser. So in the average consumer had the wrong idea about cans, thinking they were made only for the plain, tasteless commercial beers.

But the market attitude towards cans has changed dramatically in recent years. Cans are easier to take on the road, cheaper to transport and preserve beer better.

Cans keep beer fresh by sealing out oxygen and light, are easier to chill, carry and recycle, and are more environmentally friendly.

But a canning line can be very expensive: depending the desired production speed, a canning line can cost from US$100.000 to US$500.000.

And cans are printed often at large volumes, with minimum volumes around 100.000 units. But shrink sleeve labelling has allowed small craft brewers to order much smaller volumes.

Therefore, while craft beer in cans has become an enormously popular trend, many small to midsize craft breweries are unable to either afford the equipment or spare the space in their facility to package their beer beyond their simple bottling manual structure.

Today, over 450 craft breweries across the U.S. now offer one of their beer in cans, including the famous Sierra Nevada, New Belgium and Brooklyn Brewery, and many more are making plans to start canning.

But, the mobile canning systems give the brewers an opportunity to focus on making great beer, preserve their precious capital, space and management resources, while a third company delivers the machinery, the operation labor and all the measures essential to maintaining fast, reliable production canning that expands market opportunity.

Mobile systems provides a turn-key packaging solution that brings the convenience of cans, without the investment in costly machinery and floor space.

The canning line rolls right into the brewery to move the beer from the tank to cans, in six packs, boxed and ready for the distributor.

Today, at least 10% of the breweries who has beer in cans in their product line, uses this mobile solutions and this numbers can increase everyday. So more and more breweries are moving towards cans.

Is this the end of bottles in the beer industry?


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