Cans or Bottles?
BE Beer cans

You’ve read a million blogs and posts about the difference between a beer in a can and in a bottle! (Even we post about it few months ago!)

Despite personal preferences, this choice is not available for every single small brewery around the globe.

The first problem is that canning a beer demands a large investment in your brewing line and cash flow.

There is no possibility to sell beer in cans without investing in a canning line. On the other hand, you don’t need a complete line to bottle your beer. You can spend some hundred dollars and buy a nice manual machine.

And even if you say: ‘Ok, my brewery is not that small, therefore I need a automatic line. So, I will invest in either a canning or a bottling line. ‘, there is another big investment that you need to prepare yourself: cash flow.

On average, the minimum order for a can company produce your own design in a beer can is 100.000 cans. If you have 5 different brews in your brewery, you will have to pay in advance half a million cans before you can sell a single pint!

And of course, you will need to have some space to store all this material.

In some countries you can lower your investment by renting some mobile canning services, but the minimum can orders are inevitable.

So next time you think why that small craft brewery doesn’t have not even a single beer in cans so you can drink it by the pool or at the park, you will have a better understanding of the costs involved with such decision!


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