Beer Vending Machines
BE Vending Machines together

If you think that there are too many vending machines in the U.S., think again!

Japan has one machine for every 23 Japanese citizens! And there are almost 130 million Japanese nowadays!

They sell everything in those machines. You can buy not only snacks and soft drinks, but also rice, noodles, souvenirs, plants, meat!

But the most interesting ones sell alcohol: sake, whiskey and …… beer!!!

You might think that this could never work in your country because of the under age drinking, right? How easy would be for a 17-year-old kid buy a beer in the middle of the streets?

The new machines demand you to present an ID card to make sure you are old enough. Some even have age recognition cameras and software!

And the machines turn off after 11 pm.

The Americans now have their beer vending machines as well.

Some baseball stadiums, like the Target Field, in Minnesota, introduced this year a machine called DraftServ’s to reduce the long lines at concession stands.

Costumers need to register and show an ID in order to purchase a pre-paid debit card.

Then, they’re free to visit the machines whenever they like and choose on of the four different beers.

And they don’t have Budweiser; it is possible to buy Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale as well!

The machines are most automatic, but there is always some staff around to make sure no one under age is using a borrowed card.

Do you think that any of Vending these ideas could work in your city?


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