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The crowdfunding website Indiegogo brings us another beer project.

After Brewce, the vinyl toy from Beertone, now we have Brewie, considered by the creators the first fully automated brewing machine with compact design.

They claim that you can brew your own high-quality beer at a super low cost, without any previous knowledge and zero hassle.

The project comes with some great background. It was in the second place in Venture Cup, one of the largest university startup competitions, with more than 350 teams competing every year. It has won the Central European Startup Competition, the largest competition for the Central European startup world.

According to the website, it is super easy to use. You just put inside the machine a pad that contains every ingredient, supplied by the company. Each pad would receive an RFID card that contains all the recipe’s details.

Then you scan the card in front of the machine and press start!

And in a week or two (depending on the type of beer you’ve chosen), you will have your brew!
The entire brewing process is fully automated with 200 pre-set brewing processes for specific beer.

For the experts, the machine allows you to modify the recipe, use your own ingrediente and add different hops in ten different stages of the brewing process.

Brewie also lets you control 23 parameters of the brewing process, including the amount of mashing and loitering water, the boiling and cooling temperature and many more.

Here is a video to explain how it works!

The pack includes one machine, one beer pad and a beer keg, The prices is US$1599,00.

Beer lovers and home brewers, what do you think?

Is this a good way to do beer at home?

28/01/2015 05:40:12
This thing looks amazing. I have no talent at all and this machine might be the hot ticket to showing the remaining few people who find interest in me, that I can make something. If all I have to do is pay $2000 and hit a button to be cool...well...bring it on. I really want nothing to do with putting any effort into any hobby, or anything for that matter. This machine puts me closer to being able to grow a beard. Not quite though. I heard you actually have to brew beer the real way in order to do that. If my wife didnt control me so much I may just be able to brew beer like a man someday. Until then I get this machine. A pitiful example of how menial my life is.

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