Amsterdam / Brussels
BE Brussels SP

A sensational trip to get to know some of the best breweries in the world!

In this trip you will visit the breweries, which created, brew like Tripel Karmeliet, Duvle, Westmalle, Duvel, Westmalle, La Chouffe, DeuS, Goulden Carolus and Cantilon!

But we are not made only with beer! We will visit two of the greatest European cities. The trip starts in Amsterdam, where we will visit t’Ij brewery and have some extra time to understand how this unique city works.

And we will finish our tour in one of the biggest references in the beer culture: Brussels!

And in Belgium you will have the opportunity to live a bit with one of the cultures that prides most beer and will be involved also with one of the most famous chocolate producers!


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