BE Carambreja beer

Following their success formula, Colorado Brewery invested once again in tastes of Brazil!
This time, the company from the city of Ribeirão Preto used starfruit to develop this recipe.
They created a Saison beer with the fruit and basil, very refreshing and aromatic!

Light and with a great drinkability, this beer has dark golden color, with very fruity aroma and a minty touch brought by the basil. A light recipe, with an alcohol content of 5.5% and slightly bitter, with 14 IBU, harmonizes well with white meats, light pasta and dishes with vegetables.

The new brewery’s label is a collaboration of Colorado with Mauricio Beltramelli, from Brejas, created to celebrate the five years of the Brejas Bar in the city of Campinas.

Initially, Carambreja can be purchased only at the Brejas’ bar, in Campinas and at the Cervejarium, the Colorado store in Ribeirao Preto, both in the Sao Paulo state. Then it will be distributed to all the specialty shops.


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