Budweiser loses ground
BE Budweiser x Craft Beer

The decline of one of the greatest American culture icons does not seem to have time to finish.

Budweiser, which has had produced nearly 50 million barrels in the 80s, sold last year only 16 million barrels in its homeland.

And the news gets worse for the company: the craft beer market is growing and taking the more market share every year.

For the first time in history, the consumption of craft beers surpassed Budweiser!

The data tells that craft beers sold 16.1 million barrels, showing the new market reality.

The versatility and the size of the craft brewers are considered the main factors for this growth.

According to the Brewers Association, craft breweries have today 14% of the US market and a turnover of US $ 100 billion per year.

One of the most impressive figures is that, according to AB InBev data, 44% of 21 to 27 years old Americans have never tasted Budweiser.

Today even the most consumed beer in the country isn’t from the company. This position was taken by Coors Light.

The brewery’s hope is focused on the new administration. Jorge Paulo Lemann’s InBev team bought the brewery and hopes that with the shock in administration which is being deployed change this downward spiral.

The fact is that craft beer is becoming more popular every day, especially with the younger people, hindering the future of these large breweries and showing that the young is seeking an offer of more beer styles and more flavour inside the bottles!


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