Switzerland fights the alcohol abuse

Switzerland has been working against alcohol abuse, especially in the younger groups. The government proposed its cantons (the equivalent of states in the Swiss political model) a tighter control on the sale of alcohol, especially at night.

The Canton of Vaud, where Lausanne is located, in Switzerland, wants to ban the sale of alcohol after 20: 00h.

The action seeks to prevent the abuse of alcohol by young people, avoiding spontaneous purchase for a night of excessive drinking.

The canton of Geneva already has this rule in force since 2005, and the figures show a decrease of 35% of cases of alcohol poisoning in the region.

So far so good, the government is trying to protect the new generation of heavy drinking.

But the most intriguing point is that this proposal does not include the wine, it is only for spirits and beers.

A group of politicians believe that the wine does not need to be on the list of banned substances because not only it is already part of the local culture, this drink is not normally not part of the list of alcohol consumed by drunken youths.

Another part of the members believe that young people will use the wine in the absence of other alcoholic beverages.

Some groups are against the rule because they believe it is not necessary to punish the entire region due to a problem in a very specific social group.

And what you think of this?

Do you believe that this type of rule can change the behaviour of young people?

Do you think the wine should be excluded from the list of banned substances?

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