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We are all used to the beer events in Brazil with stands of all the breweries and importers showing the market what each one has to offer, right?

But is coming to Brazil a different model, inspired by the american Beer Weeks, following a well known format for food lovers in Brazil due to the Restaurant Week.

The main objective is to offer the best special Brazilian and international beers in Brazil with democratic prices in the main bar, brewpubs, liquor stores and restaurants in the area.

In Brazil, the event will be called Beer Mob Brasil and the idea is to gather all the establishments which supports the craft beer culture in a particular region of the country under the same project. Each establishment will have a harmonized special menus, beer tastings and special promotions during this period.

Any facility that works with craft beers can participate. Just contact the event organizers or one of the ambassadors of Beer Mob Brazil.

The idea is to spread the craft beer culture and its potential, a market little explored in a country in full growth, "says Luciano Dias de Godoy, president and founder of Beer Mob Brazil.

The first event will be in the state of Sao Paulo, between 14 and 29 March 2015.

The group is already in negotiations with other states to be able to replicate this idea in the main regions of the country and transform the Beer Mob Brasil in a captive event in the country’s craft beer schedule.

The event has an interesting digital infrastructure to facilitate each participant - an app in which you can check everything about every establishment such as location and special menus. In this application, you can put the bar on the map to facilitate your route, make an appointment with your friends in one of the establishments, and even order a taxi to avoid accidents on the way back home!

The Beer Mob Brazil comes with this collaborative work style, where everyone can benefit from the event: consumers who love quality products and establishments that sell these products.

The event is no ordinary festival: there is no specific place. The venue is the town, the state! Each city, along with the organization, will do the best with their establishments in order to create a special atmosphere for the event.

So do not miss this opportunity and participate in this different event that has everything to be a success in Brazil!


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