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After Beertone, a guide covering more than 200 craft beers in each country, sorted by hue (which we have already posted here), the company comes with a new feature: a Vinyl Toy called Brewce.

The toy is a tribute for the craft beers fans: the doll’s head has the hop’s form and in its belly, you can place a beer cap, one of three options that comes with the toy, or even the one of your favorite beer!

There is a huge range of Vinyl Toys on the market, but none represents better the beer culture than Brewce.

The first version will be produced in white PVC, with the possibility of customizing the hophead.

The project funding also runs a bit from the traditional market: the company seeking funds to carry out the project through crowdfunding. The idea is that several people contribute small amounts collaboratively to facilitate the project.

Each one can choose the option that best fits your desire. The cheapest option costs $ 15,00 and you get a white Brewce with three custom caps. Free shipping for Brazil. For the rest of the world the cost is $ 9.00.

There are also options in 24 or 48 piece-boxes for stores that want to resell the product.

Enter on Indiegogo to get more details about this project, that expires in December.

Get yours right now!


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