Randall the Enamel Animal
BE Randall the Animal

One day back in 2002, Sam Calagione, founder and owner of Dogfish Head was looking for an alternative use for a stainless still water filter that he had bought at a scrap yard.

At the same time he was the captain of a beer battle between East Coast and West Coast breweries for the best hop-centric beer in the country, called The Lupulin Slam.

So Sam decided to create a device to give even more hoppy flavors to his creations. The beer passes through the device full of hop cones and the alcohol in the beer strips the oil off the hops on the way to the tap.

The beer comes out of the other side of the Randall soaked in hop flavors and aromas not previously available in beer hopped only at the brewery.

The name Randall the Enamel Animal, comes from the fact that, when hopping is done to the extreme, the first sip almost feels like the outer laxer of enamel is being dissolved from your teeth.

$Dogfish Head won the contest and Randall had its 15 minutes of fame. The New York Times said: ‘Just try the beer!...The result is a beer with a refreshing herbaceous flavor!’

It got so famous that what had started, as only a simple idea for the contest, became a product commercialized by the brewery.

The company has sold more than 250 units over the last decade, not only in the US, but also in Japan, New Zealand, Italy and Sweden.

According to Sam, the product is sold at cost, generating no profit for the company, because he believes that such a device can be a great teaching instrument and the whole craft beer industry can benefit from the new comers who will start loving good beer!

Here is a video illustrating how the device works:

So, Hop-Heads, would you try one beer after this process?


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