Guinness The 1759

One of the most famous breweries in the world has brought a new level of elegance to the beer world just in time for the holiday season.

Guinness, brewers of the most iconic stout, introduces Guinness The 1759, a limited edition amber ale inspired by a 200 year old recipe.

The company has made only 90.000 bottles and they will be available on selected bars around the world starting from late October.

Just to have an idea of the volume scale, this volume is about how much regular Guinness is produced each hour to meet daily global consumption!

The 1759 is a 9% amber ale brewed with a blend of traditional beer malt and peated whisky malt, used in the world’s finest Scotch whiskeys, bringing a complex taste to the brew.

“The fine peated whisky malt used in the Guinness The 1759 brewing process brings a complex taste to the amber ale that gently complements the hop flavors, resulting in a liquid that is distinguished and innately Guinness.” said Michael Donnelly, master brewer at Guinness’ St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin.

The name is derived from the year Arthur Guinness signed the 9.000-year-old lease at St. Jame’s Gate in Dublin so he could brew what would become on of the most beloved beers in the world.

The premium qualities are not only inside the bottle, the package was created to put this beer in the spotlight: a great cork topped bottle inside a stylish black velvet lined gift box.

But all this luxury comes with a price; the company’s suggested retail price is USD 34.99.

This is the second recent departure from Guinness signature stout. Earlier this year, the brand introduced the Blonde American Lager, which is so popular that the company says it will stay on the roster.

And this is only the beginning: Guinness The 1759 is the first release of the new Guinness Signature Series, which will feature a range of limited edition luxury beers made from rare and highly sought after ingredients.


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