Beer Taxes

In all countries, the tax represents a very large percentage of beer, whether produced on a large scale in commercial breweries or in small batches by craft brewers.

One of the governments arguments is that part of the money raised from these taxes goes to public assistance of victims related to excessive use of alcohol, which can cause diseases including addiction.

But each country has a very different view on the subject.

In the United States, a portion of the tax varies according to state laws. The state collects taxes under more beer is the Tennessee, at a rate of USD1.29 per gallon of beer, which equals approximately USD0,34 per liter (£ 0.85). The state collects taxes that less is Wyoming with a measly USD0,02 per gallon, less than £ 0.01 per liter of beer.

The total tax of American beer, when we add federal taxes and taxes levied on the sale to the consumer, represent on average 10% of the final price of beer. In Brazil, the taxes are higher and more complicated to be calculated!

We have PIS, COFINS, IPI and each has a different to be calculated over a different value, complicating life for much of the company seeking to pay all his taxes on time manner.

And today, approximately 55% of the final price of beer produced in Brazilian lands goes into the pocket of the government.

In Switzerland, the situation is somewhat different: the tax is paid according to the alcoholic content of beer. In lighter beers with something close to 5% alcohol, the tax is CHF 0.17 per liter. In stronger beers, this value can reach CHF0,34 per liter.

Adding the sales tax to the final consumer, the Swiss taxes account for somewhere between 13% and 17% of the final sale value of the beer consumer. And all beers produced in countries belonging to the European Union pay exactly the same tax in Switzerland.

Therefore, Belgian and German beers, among others, do not pay a penny more in taxes to be marketed in the land of chocolate.

From what we can see, the Brazilians are much higher taxes than the taxes paid in other countries around the world.

It would not be the time the Brazilian government review some of the policies imposed on our highly esteemed product?


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