Growler Filling Stations

First of all: Do you know what a growler is?

For those who don’t, a growler is a glass or ceramic jug used to transport draft beer home, commonly sold a breweries or brewpubs.

The exploding growth of craft breweries and home brewing led to an emerging market of this jugs.

Growlers have been used to carry beer since the 1800’s, especially in Europe and Australia.

In these regions is very common to go to a brewpub or a small craft brewery to buy a growler and take home. But the beer would stay fresh for only few days because the beer’s oxygen exposure.

But filling methods have improved drastically over the last few years, transforming this old jug into a very interesting business niche.

There is a new type of business created specially in the US: growler filling stations. These are shops specialized in sales of beer to go in such large containers.

The company Growler Station is a good example.

They’ve adapted a Russian growler system with a unique filling process that limits the beer’s oxygen exposure so it stays fresh for up to two months.

The system works with the same concept of a mass-bottling line, adapted to a single use, creating oxygen-free, foam-free, longer lasting beer inside the growler.

The company has five stores and its compact system is in more than 50 other stores across the United States.

They even offer a 2-liter recyclable (not reusable) plastic option, in case you don’t want to worry about buying, cleaning and taking back to the store the glass version.

The stores have a selection of 24 craft brews on tap and they offer some snack options to complement their beverages.

The Growler Guys is another example of company betting on the same business model.

Its stores have a system to fill the growlers oxygen free, so the beer can last longer.

And they also developed a device to remove the oxygen of your half full growler and recarbonate at your house, so your beer can stay as fresh as the one filled in the store system.

This is a revolutionary idea that can change the way beer is delivered to the consumer.

It keeps the beer fresh as you are at the bar when they opened a new keg. And you can take home!

It is cheaper than filling all those small bottles and it is based in a very old transport jug!

Imagine change the market today with the modern option of an antique jug!


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