Caulier Beers

Caulier is a brand with long historical roots in Belgium.

It still has a strong presence in the collective memory of the beer aficionados.

Today Caulier beers are the only naturally sugar free beers in the market. The brewery guarantees that all its beers are ‘sugar free by nature’. That means that by a unique secret innovation, the brewery is able to reduce the level of carbohydrates without any impact on the intensity of the beverage flavor.

The company uses only natural ingredients. There are no artificial sweeteners, no colorants, and no preservatives.

Some other breweries try to lower the complex sugars using enzymes and filtration, creating tasteless beers.

To highlight the difference with other beers seeking to reduce sugars by mechanical processes or by adding extra substances that are incompatible with traditional methods, the brewery has chosen the claim ‘sugar free by nature’.

You must not be mistaken with other claims such as ‘low in sugar’, ‘less sweet’ or ‘no sugar added’.

According to European regulations, a beer can be considered ‘sugar free’ only when it contains less than 0.5g of sugar per 100ml.

These beers has less than this, therefore they can be considered completely sugar free.

The company claims that its beer is the only one in the world to have less than 0.5 gr per 100 ml of total sugar rate (the sum of complex and simple sugars).

On the company’s website, there are details regarding the tests that their beer is submitted, and also is possible to see some results.

We’ve tried these beers without knowing the history behind it and we enjoyed. The Ttripel 28 is very good and the sugar reduction has no impact on its taste.

You should try it!


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