Beer Rice
BE Arroz de cerveja


1-½ cups of long-grain rice

1 chopped onion

1 teaspoon of butter

350 ml of a dark beer (Milk Stout, Poter or Dunkel)

Salt and pepper



1. Leave the beer outside of the fridge.

2. Wash the rice and let it dry.

3. Heat the butter, add the chopped onions, and wait until the onions get kind of transparent.

4. Add the rice and let it fry a little bit until it starts to stick on the pan.

5. Add the beer, mix and add salt and pepper.

6. Let it boil in medium-low heat and cook until the rice becomes soft. Add some water, if necessary.

7. Take out of the pan, and serve it right away, with some parsley.

TIP: you can substitute parsley for any other herb that you might like.


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