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Pat’s Backcountry Beverages, an Alaska-based company, is launching a line of concentrated-liquid beers that are designed to lighten your load on your next trekking adventure.

All that’s required is a special bottle, which has a built-in pump to pressurize the contents, a tiny pouch filled with the beer, carbonator mix, and some water.

You put the carbonator mix into a cup attached to the bottle’s cap, pour the water and the concentrated beer into the bottle, shake, and then drink your suddenly-created carbonated beer!

This is the worlds first beer concentrate, according to the company.

Some beer lovers who are also love to hike can fulfill their fantasy to have a beer at the end of a long hot trail without the need to carry the weight of the bottles or the cans!

For those unfamiliar with the idea, Pats Backcountry Beverages Carbonator is a plastic bottle with built-in levers, valves, and cups. You add a mixture of potassium bicarbonate and citric acid to the small charging cup within the bottle, pull a lever on the cap a few times to add water, and a chemical reaction starts, releasing CO2 into your beverage of choice. In this case, your beverage of choice would be beer.

And the beer begins as a normal beer would, except once its done fermenting, they vacuum-distill it. This pulls out most of the water and the alcohol, which they set aside, leaving a beer-like syrup. Then they restart the brewing process, but instead of using water to create the wort, they use the beer syrup. The process is repeated four times, and then the Cascade Hops are soaked in the reserved alcohol to extract their flavor, and combines that with the syrup. The result? A little packet of concentrated beer.

Pats offers two flavors: Pale Rail and Black Hops. They both come in portable, 1.7-ounce liquid packets that you add to the water before you charge it. These packets are sold in four-packs for $10 a pop.

But some might think: Could these so called beers could pass a quality test and actually be called as our loved golden liquid?

The products have been receiving great reviews in the US and sales are increasing.

I guess you would need to try for yourself to make sure this can be truly called beer!

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