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The formal description of a kegerator is: a residential draft dispenser device.

In our words it is a modified refrigerator used to store your beer kegs with a faucet on the outside.

Kegs can be unreliable, tricky to keep at a good temperature and difficult to maintain over the course of the evening without the right apparel.

The professional apparels are available to rent, but they are quite expensive if you wish to rent it more than once a month!

Kegerators is the solution! It can keep a perfect temperature, according to your beer style and with one of this you are able to dispense beer quickly with little trouble.

The main benefit is that this device allows you to maintain a tapped keg for extended periods of time, without losing any quality in the beer taste.

It works by applying carbon dioxide pressure on the keg in order to push the beer upward and out of it.

Working with a cylinder allows for constant even pressure to be applied to the keg. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be purchased or built from a re-purposed refrigerator or a freezer with some special equipment.

Many retailers supply premade kits for modifying an existing refrigerator, so building your own is ore cost efficient, especially if you already have a used refrigerator that isn’t getting any use.

But you will need some skills to work with some tools.

And some patience with continuous cleaning. In order to have a truly great glass of beer every time, the kegerator requires regular maintenance. This means you need to clean the line leading from the keg to the faucet in addition to the faucet itself, whenever you change out the keg.

Prices can range from USD200.00 to USD2.000.00. But on the long term you can save because your beer becomes cheaper not only because of the volume you buy, but also because the lower packaging costs.

At the end, the choice about whether purchase a kegerator comes down to how often you use and how much beer you will serve.

Here are some cool designs that some crazy craft beer lovers have developed, to maybe you can get inspired to create your own!

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